About us

CoCreatiojobs.com is an Indian job portal operating in India founded in February 2018.

Cocreatiojobs.com was founded by Siridoshi Gangadhar who started  in 2018. As of Dec 2017

This is how  India, which was then a holding company of Cocreatijobs.com was started. In march 1,2018.

In , recession hit and the company suffered loss. It was then Gangadhar took help from his friend sudhakar  and shared the thought of creating the website. Sudhakar  was offered 7 percent share in the company. Another friend, Prabhakar took care of the operations. He  was made 9 percent shareholder in the company.

CoCreatiojobs.com was launched on March 1,2018 and the first version of the website . Reviews of business magazines, newspaper and word-of-mouth followed. Jobseekers learnt job search on CoCreatiojobs was free, and soon more people started logging in. Traffic on CoCreatiojobs.com slowly and steadily increased.

Naming issues

The website has faced problems with competitors registering websites with names similar to CoCreatiojobs.com.

Business Model

The website follows Business-to-Business and Business-to-consumer models.

Revenue Sources

Subscription fees and advertising are two ways the website generates revenue. 90 percent of the revenue earned is from the recruiters (B-2-B). 10 percent of the income sources are from jobseeker services.

CoCreatiojobs JobSpeak

It publishes a monthly report called CoCreatiojobs JobSpeak. The report includes hiring activities across different industry sectors, cities and functional areas. The monthly index presents the current picture of the Indian Job market.

Controversy Over Fast Forward Service

It’s “Fast Forward Services” has received lots of complaint in online forums as many job seekers are complaining of cheating and not getting the required services for which they have paid. Job seekers should be cautious while availing it’s “Fast Forward” services.